Spotlight ON EAP

Substance Abuse

Learn more about substance abuse and how Cascade can help.Read More

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

EAP Navigator - November 2018

Learn about the signs of substance abuse. Read More

5 Tips for Bringing Happiness to Your Life

Read about tips to help you create a happier life.Read More

Depression Awareness

Read about the symptoms of depression and how your EAP can help.Read More

National Preparedness Month

Learn how to prepare for and access resources for an emergency.Read More

7 Tips to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

EAP Navigator - September 2018

Learn simple tips that will help you prepare for a natural disaster.Read More


Learn how to improve your interpersonal relationships.Read More

Tips for Improving Your Mental Health

EAP Navigator - August 2018

Learn how to improve your mental well-being.Read More

Live EAP Video Support

Learn how you can schedule a live video support session with an EAP professional.
Read More

10 Tips for Improving Your Listening Skills

EAP Navigator - July 2018

Read about tips that can help you improve your listening skills.Read More

Home Ownership Program

Purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home? Learn how the EAP can help through the process.Read More

7 Steps to Buying a Home

EAP Navigator - June 2018

Read about 7 steps that will help guide you through the home buying process.Read More

Mental Health Awareness

Learn how to get help if you or a loved one struggles with a mental illness.Read More

5 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

EAP Navigator - May 2018

Learn how to incorporate simple mindfulness techniques into your life.Read More

The Resilience Journey

Take the Resilience Journey to learn more about your own resilience.Read More

Strategies for Building Resilience

EAP Navigator - April 2018

Read about how you can build your resilience.Read More

Sleep Support

Learn more about sleep disorders and how Cascade can help you improve your quality of sleep. Read More

6 Tips for Improving Your Sleep

EAP Navigator - March 2018

Read about tips to help you get a good night’s rest.Read More

Cascade Personal Wellness

Learn about how Cascade’s wellness partners, hubbub health, can help make getting healthy fun!Read More

5 Healthy Habits that Can Help Prolong Your Life

EAP Navigator - February 2018

Read about tips for incorporating healthy habits into your life.Read More
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