Health Screenings

Health Screenings
We understand that biometric screenings can often be the first introduction to your wellness program and it’s our goal to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Cascade offers certified blood draws that provide solid baseline stats for your employees’ health. Screenings Include:

-- Assistance from start to finish ensuring event success and participation.
-- Full menu of tests
-- The ability to reach nationwide and be fully scalable. Wherever your employees are located, we have you covered.

Cascade’s lab–certified exams can replace the high costs of traditional annual physicals. Physicians can use our lab results for further diagnosis without having to reorder tests, which can significantly reduce the costs billed to your health plan, saving you money.

Integrated Health Coaching and Behavioral Health

Each individual
screened receives a follow-up session with a certified health coach, who is also a Master’s level, licensed EAP counselor. Coaches provide support and guidance from a Whole Person perspective and assist with work/life stress, mental health, and physical health.

Our coaches/ counselors will:

-- Review individual results of Personal Wellness Screenings
-- Provide suggestions for next steps
-- Screen for behavioral concerns that may be affecting the member's physical health
-- Refer to EAP resources and continued health coaching

Health Screening Support and Features

-- Individual Online Summary Report
-- Executive Summary Report
-- CLIA Certified Screenings

-- Individual online participant reports
-- Corporate aggregate report
-- Data transfer
-- Customized marketing flier templates
-- Online scheduling system
-- Mobile phone application - Android & Apple
-- 800 customer support line
-- Dedicated project management team and strategic management
-- Event staffing
-- Lab processing fees
-- Screening supplies
-- Shipping expenses
-- Screening station privacy screens - L-shape w/ two large panels
-- Implementation fees / site fees / setup fees
-- SSO integration when applicable
-- Onsite results overview - Finger Stick only
-- Outreach to High Risk Employees by certified health coaches who are also Masters Level EAP counselor
--Ability to add on and integrate Health Risk Assessments

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